Quality Dental Supplies and Anesthesia

We choose our dental products and supplies based on which works best for our clients. Our vendors have a long history of providing quality dental supplies that help our clients reliably treat patients whether the procedure requires topical anesthesia or more in-depth oral surgery. Thanks to our excellent long-standing vendor relationships, we carry a variety of anesthetics to make running your dental practice practically pain-free.

Preferred Dental Anesthesia Suppliers

We work with many vendors to bring you the best dental products and supplies. For topical and local dental anesthetics, we contract primarily with Henry Schein, Septodont, and Cook-Waite to stay well-stocked with Lidocaine, Septocaine, and Carbocaine. Whether you specialize in routine dental maintenance or complex oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics, we have several high quality anesthetics to ensure you can provide the best in dental health care for your patients.

Lidocaine (Henry Schein)

Septocaine (Septodont)