Bonding Cements & Activators

Highest Quality Dental Materials and Products

We carry the best in bonding cements and activators so that you can provide the best in care for your dental patients. We carry dental cement and filling from such renowned manufacturers as 3M. We selected our bonding agents for their durability and how comfortable they are for patients after fillings or oral surgery. These agents are specially designed to adhere to both composite and amalgam dental replacement systems.

Top of the Line 3M ESPE Dental Products

We offer 3M ESPE’s Vitrebond to aid in dental restorations. This bonding cement is well-known for its ability to reduce postoperative tooth sensitivity. Vitrebond can be used for a variety of restorations and works well with composite, amalgam, ceramic, and metal dental components.

Vitrebond (3M Espe)

IRM Ivory (Dentsply Caulk)

Herculite Unidose (Kerr)