Premium Carbide Dental Burs and Dental Drill Bits

We have long-standing relationships with manufacturers of high quality dental instruments and tools, and we know that choosing the right tool for the task at hand is crucial to running a successful dental practice. We carry a variety of carbide dental burs to help dentists and oral surgeons effectively remove decay and prepare teeth for fillings or more complex dental procedures. Our drill bits are an essential tool our clients use to consistently keep their patients’ teeth strong and pain free.

Exceptional Dental Tool Suppliers

Our established partnerships with the best dental supply companies allow us to bring you the burs and bits you need to drill or operate with ease.  We work primarily with proven vendors to bring you the best dental products and supplies. For premium carbide dental burs, we contract primarily with S.S. White, Henry Schein, and Dentsply-Midwest. These internationally-recognized dental suppliers have a long history of manufacturing innovative dental tools and quality supplies for dentists.

Carbide Burs supplied by Unimed/Unident

FG 557 (S.S. White)

Carbide Burs supplied by Unimed/Unident

FG 702 (Henry Schein)

Carbide Burs supplied by Unimed/Unident

FG 558 (Dentsply – Midwest)