Single Use Dentist Supplies

Disposable medical and dental supplies are the simplest and most effective way to keep your office germ and disease free. We partner with several internationally-recognized and trusted dental supply companies to provide you with the supplies and equipment you need to protect yourself, your staff, and your patients from germs and disease that can quickly spread via poorly sterilized equipment and tools. Our wide range of disposable and single use products will help you run your office more smoothly and get it cleaner than ever.

Disposable Dental Tools and Supplies

Our dental office clients trust us to stock high quality dentist tools and supplies, and we take pride in offering the best quality dental supplies available. We have long-standing relationships with established manufacturers and dental suppliers like Plasdent, Maytex, and Henry Schein. These partnerships allow us to carry top-of-the-line disposables for your dental office. We offer non-sticky adhesive barrier film to protect hard-to-clean surfaces from dirt and germs. We stock absorbent, sterile gauze pads to help clean wounds and staunch blood flow to prevent contamination and infection, and we carry wall-mounted and countertop C-fold towel holders that conveniently dispense single use disposable towels to help clean up your office space quickly and easily.


Gauze pads (Henry Schein)