Infection Control

Sterile Isolation Gowns for Infection Control

A crucial element in minimizing cross-contamination and containing dangerous germs and diseases, high quality disposable gowns provide both comfort and protection for dental professionals. Ideal for busy hospital environments, dental offices, dental surgery facilities, and long-term care facilities that deal with dental health care, these gowns are designed to be lightweight and breathable.

Valumax Brand Disposable Gowns

Valumax brand disposable surgical gowns have become a trusted staple of state-run care facilities, and offer great protection at great prices. They are fluid-resistant and free from latex, and feature an open back with ties at the neck and waist for security. We have a long-standing relationship with Valumax and can obtain large quantities of these disposable gowns for clinics, dental offices, and extended care facilities with dental practices.


Earloop Facemask (Crosstex) (Henry Schein) (Dukal)