Lab Products

Dental Laboratory Supplies

Our clients know they can count on us to stock and deliver the best, most reliable dental lab products and supplies. Our tools help lab technicians and dentists provide the best possible patient care as they create new dental pieces and prosthetics for their patients. We stock a variety of medical grade supplies and tools that can help you create accurate casts, molds, and reconstructive prosthetics.

Lab Tools for Dental Lab Technicians

We have long-standing manufacturer relationships with internationally recognized companies and dental suppliers. These partnerships allow us to stock the highest quality lab tools, products and supplies for your dental laboratory. Our partners include Henry Schein, Premier Dental, and Buffalo dental. We offer Gibraltar Lab Stone, an all-purpose lab stone that sets in under 15 minutes, and works well for creating full and partial dental models or crown and bridge models. We carry top-of-the-line articulators to help take the most accurate casts of the upper and lower teeth and aid in creating well-fit dental prosthetics. We also stock butane-fueled Blazer hand torches for dental lab technicians and oral surgeons.