Cardiac Equipment/Supplies

Top of the Line Cardiac Equipment and Supplies

At Unimed, we carry only the best in cardiac monitoring equipment to help you make accurate diagnoses and save lives. We have long-standing relationships with medical suppliers that have a reputation for producing reliable, high performance EKGs and cardiac monitors.

Premium Supplies for Cardiac Monitors

We strategically partner with a few medical supply distributors to provide you with high quality EKG supplies so that you can confidently diagnose any cardiac issues for your patients. Our offering includes:

  • EKG paper and Mounts from Cardiac Science and Precision Charts – high quality base paper pre-printed with gridlines and specially designed to avoid damaging delicate components of your EKG equipment. We also offer pressure-sensitive mounting cards to easily mount and display your cardiac readouts.
  • EKG Electrodes from Zoll and Cardiac Science –individually packaged hypoallergenic electrodes are coated with conductive gel and designed to reduce skin irritation while molding to the patient’s body in order to provide maximum electrical conductivity.
  • Automated External Defibrillators from Zoll and Cardiac Science – portable cardiac defibrillator features a pre-recorded voice prompt to help accurately place electrodes and safely operate life-saving electrical impulses in order to stop arrhythmia.

Electrocardiographs (EKG) (CSC)

EKG paper and Mounts (Cardiac Science) (Precision Charts)

Electrodes, EKG (Cardiac Science) (Drive)

AED’s (Cardiac Science)

CSC Powerheart AED G3 Plus