Diabetic Care

Most Accurate Diabetic Testing Supplies

Managing diabetes in long-term care facilities, doctors’ offices, and hospitals is easier than ever with high-quality glucometers and diabetic test strips. We carry top of the line diabetic supplies for the management of both Type I and Type II diabetes.

For long-term care facilities and state run hospitals and health centers, these diabetic test strips can drastically increase the accuracy of diabetic blood glucose readings, since they are specially designed to minimize interference from up to 22 known common substances.

Abbott Glucose Test Strips

We carry Abbott Diabetic Test Strips for the effective management of diabetes. The test strips are specially designed to make blood glucose testing quick and easy. They draw the smallest blood sample possible with their automatic wicking tips, which drastically reduces the amount of wasted test strips associated with other brands. These strips can be used in conjunction with any FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitor, and they do not require coding, which eliminates unnecessary extra steps and reduces the chances of an inaccurate blood glucose reading. You can also re-apply blood for a full 60 seconds after the initial application, reducing test strip waste.

Precision Xceed Pro Blood Glucose Test Strips (Abbott)