Emergency Care

Emergency Medical Supplies and Equipment

During a medical emergency, you should be able to depend on the quality of your emergency supplies. We partner with recognized medical supply distributors to provide you with dependable emergency equipment and supplies that will help you treat traumatic injuries and save lives.

  • First Aid Kits – portable first aid kits are packaged neatly in sturdy plastic cases. Kits include a variety of medical supplies and can be configured to hold the optimal combination of supplies for your office or medical practice, including but not limited to bandaids, antibacterial wipes, burn cream, gauze pads, triangular bandages, adhesive medical tape, gloves, tongue depressors, tweezers, eye wash, and more. Kits meet ANSI standards.
  • Cold Packs – insulated moisture wicking double bladder bags complete with wide mouths for easy loading. Bags are designed to hold ice without opening unexpectedly and come with ties to secure the pack to the body.
  • Bandaids and Bandages – a huge selection of bandages and bandaids ranging from cloth to gauze to elastic, in a variety of sizes and styles to suit specific wounds.
  • Alcohol Prep Pads – topical antiseptic wipes help clean and disinfect skin and office surfaces.

Medical Tools and Equipment for Emergency Personnel

We strategically partner with several medical equipment suppliers, including McKesson, Dukal, Imco, Ferno, Gendron, Zoll and Stryker. These vendors manufacture top of the line emergency equipment to ensure you are prepared to face any medical crisis. Our offering includes:

  • Stretchers – provide maximum patient comfort and safety while decreasing spinal mobility and reducing the probability of secondary injury.
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) portable cardiac defibrillator complete with a pre-recorded voice prompt that helps properly place electrodes and safely operate machine in order to stop arrhythmia.

Stretchers (Ferno) (Gendron)

First Aid Kits (Mckesson)

Cold Packs (Mckesson) (Dukal)

Bandaids (Dukal)

Alcohol prep pads (Dukal) (Mckesson) (Imco)