I.V. Therapy

Medical Office Equipment and IV Catheter Supplies

We have what you need to be able to provide intravenous delivery of fluids and medication to patients in need. Our long-term partnerships with medical suppliers like Medline, B Braun, Bard, and RTI allow us to carry high quality IV equipment and accessories to ensure doctor’s offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities are well equipped to administer IV treatments.

IV Equipment and Accessories

We stock a huge selection of quality IV equipment, including:

  • I.V. Solutions and Start Kits – kits come pre-packaged with everything necessary prep, secure, and clean an I.V. insertion site. We also carry different IV solutions including sodium chloride solutions, saline solutions, and lactated ringers.
  • I.V. Catheters – modern design includes built-in safety device to help prevent accidental needle sticks. Specially designed beveled needles ensure easier, more accurate placement and less painful insertions for patients.
  • I.V. Administration Sets – we carry primary administration sets with and without needleless connectors. We also offer secondary piggyback sets to help provide the just the right mixture of fluids and medications.
  • I.V. Extension Sets – pre-assembled extension sets reduce the amount of prep time and allow easy additions to IV lines.
  • Huber Infusion Sets – specially designed for patient comfort and allows health care providers and physicians easy access to the injection site while reducing the risk of accidental needle sticks.
  • Infusion Pumps and Sets – long-lasting pumps smoothly infuse fluids, vital nutrients, and medications into your patient’s circulatory system.

IV Catheters ( B, Braun) (Bard) (RTI)