Top Quality Medical Lab Supplies

At Unimed, we care about stocking only the best medical supplies and equipment for your medical laboratory. We have contracted with the same medical supply and equipment manufacturers for years in order to bring you superior quality lab supplies at the best possible prices. Our partner medical suppliers include BD and Hypoguard, and our long-standing relationships with them ensure we can keep your lab well-stocked and prepared for any and all tests you may need to run.

Preferred Medical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

You depend on your medical lab equipment in order to provide your patients with timely, accurate diagnoses, and you can depend on us to deliver the most reliable medical laboratory equipment and supplies for your practice. Our offering includes medical grade microscopes with lenses designed for optimal imaging of bacteria, parasites, and tissue specimens to aid you in a quick and efficient diagnosis.

We offer BD blood collection tubes to help your medical staff quickly and efficiently collect specimens. These special Vacutainer tubes are constructed with a special coating to prevent sample clotting. We stock disposable single-use lancets that automatically retract after use, ensuring you can quickly draw the blood you need with minimal pain and less risk of accidental needle sticks. We also carry BD’s line of Vacutainer urine culture tubes, specially lined with a preservative that keeps bacteria alive in the specimen for more accurate lab analysis.


Blood Collection Tubes (BD)

Lancets, Blood (Hypogard)

Tubes, Urine Culture (BD)