Needles / Syringes

Top Quality Medical and Nursing Supplies

A medical office runs much more smoothly when medical staff can quickly and accurately obtain blood samples and dispense medication with minimal invasiveness and patient discomfort. We carry a wide variety of medical syringes and hypodermic needles to help medical assistants, phlebotomists, nurses, and doctors gather specimens and dispense the most accurate doses of medicine. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with well-known medical manufacturers, we offer a large selection of specialized syringes and needles to fit your medical office needs.

Medical Syringes and Hypodermic Needles

Our partner manufacturers NIPRO, Kendall, BD, and Terumo have each developed their own lines of ultra-sharp medical needles to aid in easy insertion while minimizing the risk of accidental needle sticks. We stock and carry special safety syringes with needle locking mechanisms. These syringes can be operated with one hand and are designed for super precise positioning. We also carry hypodermic needles designed for use with the Vacutainer blood collection system, ensuring that your efforts to collect blood and other bodily fluids are as safe as possible for medical support staff without compromising patient care or comfort.

Needles (Nipro) (Kendall) (BD)