Quality Medical Supply and Orthopedic Products

Now, you can easily help patients recover from joint and muscle injuries with our wide selection of orthopedic products. Our offering can be used in physical therapy offices and medical practices to support healing joint injuries and protect patients from suffering additional pain and joint damage. To help your patients recover as quickly and with as minimal pain as possible, we partner with well-known medical manufacturers and suppliers in order to stock the best in quality medical supplies for orthopedic staff and physical therapy providers.

Best Orthopedic and Physical Therapy Supplies

We partner with well-known orthopedic product manufacturers like DJO Global, Drive, and McKesson in order to supply you with quality orthopedic medical products. Our offering includes:

  • Arm Slings – lightweight, breathable slings are adjustable in order to provide maximum support and comfort for recovering patients.
  • Elbow Braces and Supports – durable and ultra-light braces and supports provide joint stability while ensuring the patient can move and remain comfortable while healing.
  • Knee Braces – a variety of lightweight and heavy duty knee braces to support injured knees and promote quick recovery. Our huge selection includes braces designed for everyday wear, physical therapy, or post-surgical support.
  • Crutches – ultra-portable, adjustable crutches ensure your patients can comfortably support themselves as they recover.
  • Anti-Embolism Stockings – specially designed compression stockings help prevent venous thrombosis by helping improve venous flow while ensuring patients remain comfortable.

Arm Slings (DJO)

Arm Slings (DJO)

Elbow braces and Supports (DJ Ortho)

Knee braces (DJO)

Anti-Embolism Stockings (DJO)

Crutches (DJO) (Drive) (Mckesson)