Safety Supplies

High Quality Personal Safety Medical Supplies

Safety is paramount in any medical facility, both for your medical staff and your patients. We offer the best products in personal safety to minimize the risk of your patients injuring themselves or others. These quality safety products come from one of our long-term partners, Humane Restraint, and are designed to work in a variety of medical environments, from long-term care facilities to state hospitals to prison facilities. This high quality equipment is specially designed with ease of use and patient comfort in mind.

Reliable Hospital Restraints and Safety Equipment

We rely on Humane Restraint to supply our restraints and protective equipment for a wide array of applications in the medical field. We offer adjustable leather restraints with locking mechanisms to ensure you can provide maximum comfort for restrained patients. The locking mechanisms are in place to make sure that only authorized personnel can safely release patients. These versatile restraints can be used in standing, seated, or bed-ridden situations, and are made with an orthopedic lining to help comfortably conform to each patient.

We also offer adjustable humane jackets made of heavy canvas, specially designed to minimize patient movement and prevent patient injury. We carry safety blankets, safety smocks, and ventilated hard and soft shell helmets to protect patients against the possibility of head injury.

Ambulatory Restraint

Ambulatory Restraint

Humane restraint, locking bed restraint

Locking bed restraint

Humane restraint transboard as supplied by UnimedUSA

Humane restraint transboard

Humane restraint hard shell helmet

Hard shell helmet