Top Quality Medical Supplies and Equipment

We offer the best in medical and surgical sterilization equipment to ensure you can easily keep your office free from dangerous microbes. Our long-standing relationships with internationally recognized medical manufacturers like Henry Schein, Miltex, and Tuttnauer allow us to provide you with top-of-the-line medical autoclaves and sterilizers that fit perfectly with any busy medical office, hospital, or long-term care facility’s needs. Our Midmark and Tuttnauer autoclave sterilizers allow doctors and medical staff to get sterile, germ-free medical equipment while “setting it and forgetting it”.

Preferred Medical Autoclaves and Sterilization Equipment

Unimed carries everything your medical staff needs to keep all your medical equipment free from disease-causing germs and viruses. Our offering includes heavy-duty sterilization pouches from Henry Schein. These pouches meet CDC guidelines for infection control, and are specially designed with indicators that ensure equipment conforms to sterilization parameters including time, temperature, and proper exposure to steam.

 In order to remove organic materials from instruments and other medical equipment where scrubbing and traditional cleaning is not possible, we carry concentrated EZ-Zyme solution from Miltex. We also offer a variety of medical autoclaves designed with ease of use in mind. These intuitive machines essentially operate on autopilot, ensuring your medical instruments are properly cleaned and sterilized every time.

Midmark Autoclave as sold by UnimedUSA

Midmark autoclave