Wound Care

Best Wound Care Medical Supplies and Products

We carry only the highest quality medical supplies to help you properly treat and manage your patients’ wounds. Our large selection of wound care and management products allows you to confidently treat patient wounds while minimizing the risk of infections and further injury. We have long-term relationships with leading medical supply manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson, IMCO, and Dukal that keep us well-stocked with top-of-the-line wound management supplies and high quality disposable medical products to aid in infection control.

High Quality Medical Supplies for Wound Care and Management

For years, we have partnered with top medical supply manufacturers in order to stock and carry reliable wound care and closure products. Our offering includes top quality sterile sutures and suture removers to ensure you can safely seal patient wounds with minimum risk. We also stock Dermabond, the special skin adhesive preferred by doctors for minor wounds and lacerations. This special compound allows medical staff to form a strong bond between wound edges while providing water-resistant coating and protection from exposure to dirt and germs.

Sutures (J&J)